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tow truck Harrisonburg VADayton Towing, led by Harrisonburg Tow Truck, is one of the most well known providers for emergency roadside assistance and towing services. We’ve helped hundreds of hard working patrons every single year, and have given a customer service level that can be trusted. With the mission of providing the highest quality, most dependable towing services in Virginia, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied every single time. So, have a job that requires only the best? Then call Dayton Towing and we’ll be happy to show you why we’re the leading towing service within the industry.

Customer Service That Is Unmatched

Harrisonburg Tow Truck Harrisonburg VAUnlike most towing companies, we view each of our patrons like a member of the family. That means we take the time to answer your questions, provide actionable steps towards a job well done, and guarantee work that is performed efficiently. No more having to wait around hours for help to arrive, or being forced to pay ridiculous prices for quick service. With Dayton Towing, you can be sure you’re receiving only the best possible service at rates that are the most competitive in the market.

Services We Offer

Need accident recovery that is prompt? Or perhaps lockout services in the middle of the night? Or maybe even long distance towing for your massive truck? Whatever the job may be, we’re prepared for it. And having been in the industry for years, we know exactly how to provide efficient and dependable towing and roadside assistance that you can be proud of.

We offer the following services in Dayton Virginia:

  • heavy duty towing
  • medium duty towingtow truck in Harrisonburg
  • light duty towing
  • roadside assistance
  • tire change service
  • jump start service
  • gas delivery service
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • accident recovery
  • lockout service

Towing For Any Need

Harrisonburg Tow TruckWe have experience towing everything from giant industrial sized trucks to small, family centered sedans. And we know that each vehicle is different and requires towing specifically tailored for that vehicle to ensure safe and secure delivery. Fortunately, our highly experienced towers have been doing this for years, and know exactly how to set up, tow, and drop off your vehicle in the safest way possible to ensure your vehicle is dent and scratch free.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance 

We provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance because we know that disaster can strike at any time. With roadside assistants and towers that have been doing this for years, we can provide you the help you need, the moment you need it.

Tire Change Services That You Can Trustroadside assistance Harrisonburg VA

A blown tire doesn’t mean you have to wait hours on the side of the road just for help to arrive. You also don’t have to be left to change a tire all on your own. With Dayton Towing, we provide one of the fastest tire change services in the state. Just give us a call and we’ll work to be at your vehicle and have your tires replaced within minutes.

Accident Recovery That’s Simply Unmatched

When an accident happens, your vehicle should be the last thing on your mind. You should be taking care of yourself and your health, and leave the towing to us! We’ll have your car towed to wherever you need it go, and ensure it’s dropped off as quick as possible. If you need accident recovery services that have you and your family in mind, then give Dayton Towing a call.

towing company Harrisonburg VirginiaLockout Services At Any Time

Waiting for help to arrive when you’re locked out of your vehicle can be frustrating. And having to wait hours just for a quick 5 minute service is even more frustrating. We understand how this feels, so we provide lockout services that are quick and reliable. Just give us a call and a member of our team will be at your vehicle within minutes and have you back in your car within seconds.

Gas Delivery Services Anywhere

Why push your car for miles to refuel, when you can call Dayton Towing and have gas delivered straight to your vehicle. We guarantee the fastest gas delivery service in all of Virginia, and can have you back on the road as if nothing ever happened.

Jump Start Services Done Professionally

We here at Dayton Towing also provide the quickest jump start services in Virginia. Whether you’re stuck in your own driveway or in a far away parking lot with a dead battery, we can get you back on the road fast.

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